Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It seems like a lot has happened. Time seems to fly by as you get older and the more you wish it to slow the faster it goes.

On the 30th was Azariah's birthday and He turned a year old. Its crazy how fast that kid grows. We invited a few neighbors over and gave Azariah his own small cake which he proceeded to have fun with.

 "What is this??"

"Yum" - First Taste

 After a little while he got a little tired of eating it and started playing with the cake instead.

and boy was it fun cleaning him up afterwards (a job that fell to Rayni) but I'm sure he had fun

He had the rest of us laughing while he was eating his cake, (quite the entertainer at a year old). It's been so much fun to see him grow up this last year, and on the third he started walking all by himself. His whole face brights up when he starts to walk/run somewhere by himself, with this huge smile on his face almost hyperventilating from the excitement. 

The next day (the first) was Jos' birthday, turning 19. 

Jos (for the most part) has been one amazing brother (except, of course, for the times when he loved to tease us to death) he has always been fun to hang around. He seems to love little kids, and almost all of them love him as well. Nothing seems to knock him to much and if you ever need anyone strong to lean on, you can just call him. :) I've always looked up to him as a brother, the way he deals with situations and people not getting angry very often but always strong as a rock. Instead of working half-heartedly he finds the most creative ways to get through things no matter how hard. He is always such a joy to be around, laughing and making others laugh. 
I know this is pretty "mushy-gushy" but I love you Jos and I hope you have an awesome year to come, with many lessons and blessings from God, a year of growing and learning for Him.  

On the fourth we decided to stay home and had some friends come over for the day, afterwards we went and got a few fireworks to set off. I think Jos and I had the most fun setting them off and battling each other in a popper war (those small fireworks that you throw on the ground and they snap or pop). Afterwards part of us got up on the roof to watch the fireworks around us which was lots of fun. Here are some of the pictures we took while on the roof.
Zeb, Jos, Hosanna, and Rayni 

Zeb, Jos, Hosanna, Jed and Rayni 

 Jed, Jos, Hosanna, and Rayni

Jed, Hosanna, Azariah, and Rayni

Rayni and Azzy

Today mom left for New Zealand, our Grandma is moving houses so mom is going for two weeks to help out and see family. We are sure gonna miss her, and this will by Azariah's first time without mom for this long so he is gonna miss her too.

Anyways, I'm off for now. Hope you all enjoyed the update.


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  1. What a great update! :) I loved all the pictures-- you guys all look great and it sounds like you had fun on the roof!! :) Azariah looks adorable, as usual, eating the cake, especially that last picture. Looks like he enjoyed it!

    Well, I hope ya'll do okay without your mom. We'll be praying for you!! Love you all--
    Rachel (and the rest of the family)