Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alls well...kinda!

Mom and Azariah made it back safely on Wednesday night. We all had lots of fun giving both of them hugs and hearing how the trip went.
Here are some pictures from their trip.

However the next day mom came down with a stomach bug...and was sick all day. We are thinking she probably picked it up from a ferry ride when she was in New Zealand or possibly the plain ride. She started to feel better slowly, but then Azariah got it. Then Malachi and Jos both got sick. Now we are waiting to see if anyone else will get sick, while the rest are getting better.

Well, I have to share something with you. One of the days while mom was gone, Malachi was playing and twisted his neck in some way. He came up to me and said "Oooh, oh, Hosanna...I think I just popped a brain in my head! Oh, ooooh" haha, we got a good laugh about it!

I also found something out about Azariah. The day before yesterday, I was taking some pictures of him, ...and I every time I pointed the camera at him, he would give me this cheesy smile. :) I would put it down and he would look away, then I would raise it and point it at him...he would look, and as soon as he realized what it was, HE WOULD SMILE. It was the funniest thing. Quite the photogenic little guy.

Here is one of the pictures that as soon as he saw the camera he gave a huge smile.

Tag team Feeding :)

Today I had fun with him taking some more pictures, here are some below

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! What one was your favorite?


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An Amazing Woman

Azariah and Grammy

On January 7th our Grandmother passed away. Her name was Ruth Alice Green Frye or Ruthie, although she was always called "Grammy" by us and loved by all. Born on July 3rd, 1926 she was 83 years old.
She was an amazing woman, always there to serve, welcome and love you. When our family last went to Colorado and visited her at the Rocky Ford nursing home, she had had Parkinson for almost 18 years, but when the kids started to look tired she offered her bed and said "you can take a nap with me on my bed, or I can stay here on this chair and you can take a nap on my bed".

At the nursing home in Rocky Ford

It was a sweet thing, for she had been up for a while and was really tired and needed a nap at the time but instead of taking her bed she offered it to the kids. Another time Jos and I (Hosanna) were staying in Colorado a couple years back, at the cabin in Beulah up in the mountains. It was 8 O'clock and Jos suggested watching a movie, so she got out the popcorn and made a batch, then sat there with us and watched the movie, even though it was past the time when she usually went to bed. There were many things both big and small that she did that showed her love to serve others and God, she was a huge blessing. When you came she always welcomed you and talked to you, and she would always perk up whenever someone was around. Always ready to get up and help she truly had a servants heart. Now she is with out Lord in heaven, with her son our uncle Jerry and his wife Aunt Daryln along with her parents and some of her siblings. No Parkinson but freely and easily walking around probably serving and loving all the people up there and worshiping our Lord. While keeping an eye on her 28 grandchildren and 36 great grandchildren along with her 5 remaining children here on earth and her 8th grade childhood sweetheart whom she later married (Grandad Bill Frye).

This is a Picture of Grammy and Granddad in November on the 65th Wedding Anniversary

Grammy and Granddad along with there five Children (from left): Dad (Brad), Aunt Millie, Aunt Cindy, Aunt Janell, and Aunt Jinnie

The funeral and burial was held on January 12th and my Dad was able to go and be there with the rest of the family for three days during that time.

The Casket right before the burial

We would love prayer for us as well as our Granddad and the rest of the family all around, who love and miss Grammy. She was indeed one amazing woman.

This picture was on there 65th Anniversary Cake in November, it is Grammy and Granddads wedding picture

You can click on any of the pictures to make them larger.

Hosanna for the Frye Family

Mom and Azariah

Well, I have been meaning to post...but haven't until now. :) Mom, Zeb, and Azariah got to New Zealand safely. They stayed at Nana's (our moms mom) house for the first part and got to see quite a few of our cousins. The wedding went really well, and the two newly weds are on their honey moon. The rest of the family took off to the beach for a week, and went fishing, playing on the water toys, and had a blast in the sun with out us. We are all jealous here at home in the rain.
Mom is leaving for the airport today and Zeb is going to go back to our grandmothers house. Mom and Azariah will arrive tomorrow night and all of us here are soooooo excited to have her back. We have been only half surviving without her! We were able to talk to her on Skype for the first part of the trip when they had internet...but nothing is the same as having her there right next to you...ready for a good hug. We have had lots of help with people giving us meals and inviting us over for dinner while she has been gone, and it has been such a blessing.

Well, in the first part of the trip we got lots of calls on skype (a free online webcam program, you can talk through webcams to each other) so we took a couple snapshots

They aren't the best pictures because they are taken with a webcam, but you can still enjoy them. Azariah is really giving the smiles now. He has learned to scoot with his feet on the ground so they have to keep an eye on him now... he loved to go under the furniture.

Hope you enjoy