Monday, July 5, 2010

1 John

So, today is the 5th, and the day some of us were finishing. I must admit I've gotten behind so I am working on catching up right now, and set a new goal of Thursday. It has been really cool to hear the different ways people are going through it and what they have learned from it. I'm so glad some of you decided to do it. To those who are done and those who are close, what has been your favorite verse or passage. What was of the lessons God taught you this last week and a half. My aunt asked me how I hoped memorizing this book would affect my life and future, I might put my answer up later, but what would be your answer to this question?



  1. Hello dear!!! I'm soooo excited about these verses. First, I'll tell you that I'm finishing today, but I think I will go till Thursday as well because I want to go back over some of the parts that I'm not as strong in because I feel as if I can't really 'run through' the chapters and just say entire paragraphs-- I feel like I can only say single verses rather then the whole chapter together. Okay, then, I'd like to say that I just love chapter 4:7-12. Such powerful verses! I also love chapter 3:16 and 3:20.

    Okay-- so, in answer to your final question from your Aunt, I honestly have no idea how memorizing these verses will affect my future, but I'm excited to see what God has planned! I also know that often when I try to memorize passages and I put them to heart rather then just reading them, the meaning becomes much more clear because I'm reading it over, and over, and over, and, well, yah. Plus, I've noticed that when I memorize verses, God brings them to mind at different times when I need them. He's so awesome!

    And-- I was thinking-- wouldn't it be cool to do this again starting next week with another book. Maybe, Hebrews?? I've started memorizing Hebrews two different times now and never finished. But it's probably my favorite book in the Bible and so powerful, and I'd really love to try again. I know it's quite long, (well, not that long, thirteen chapters, I believe, but that's quite a bit longer than 1 John), but I think if we give ourselves more time (say-- 2 1/2 months? Is that enough? Too long? I don't know) and with plenty of prayer we could do it. Hum. I think I'll post about this on my blog on Saturday. Thanks Hosanna! Love ya!

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  3. i gave your question a lot of thought-good question btw. Good questions do that. The answer was this; Jesus said to put His words into practice.That is the sum and substance of the answer to the question. For us(as Catholics)the Word of God IS Jesus.Also must apologize to you.I don't get back here as often as i'd like to and just read your question re the blogger theme. You have to change to the new blogger. That's step 1.Then you will find the themes.I will see if i can locate the page for you and post it up in a new blog with the instructions.Didn't mean to take so long.
    God Bless.

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