About the Frye Family

Brad Frye (also known as Dad in our family)
Dad works at Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM) full time.  He is also Washington's NCFCA (speech and debate) State Representative which keeps him pretty busy on the side. The Father of 8 kids he keeps up with us as well (yeah, he is an amazing dad). He loves to teach us kids and at every opportunity teaches us something new. Half of our education comes from him talking with us and teaching us at the dinner table :) a question pops up and he will usually have an answer, and if he doesn't he will usually go and look and find out.

Angela Mary Frye (also know as Mum)
Mum works as a back up nurse at nearby schools when the school district needs a substitute. She also homeschools all eight of us kids (a full time job indeed).  She somehow  keeps an eye on us all (I don't think I'll ever understand how she does it). Supporting dad and giving advice to us kids whenever we need some, encouraging us, and helping us stay on track. She is one amazing mother and we love her so much.

Zebulun Cody Frye (Zeb)
Is working on his college degree. While working on his web design business, always figuring out how to do new things. He coaches a frisbee team that he and a friend brought together and absolutely loves it. With the tendency to obsess about anything he sets his mind to do, he usually succeeds in almost everything!

Josiah Cole Frye (Jos)
Is working on a Mechanical Engineering degree currently at Edmonds Community College just up the road. He loves to take apart and put back together almost anything he can find. With his latest project being the motorcycle he as wanted for a few years now.

Rayni Moriah Frye
Currently in highscool and starting Running Start this fall, shooting to become a nurse practitioner. Which will make her pretty busy. She's graduated from speech and debate as well as Awana and now helps out wherever she can. She volunteers at our churches Sunday school, and with a passion for working with kids, they almost all love her.

Hosanna Dawn Frye
Hi! I'm Hosanna, the author of this blog! I'm just a teen girl going through life, enjoying the adventure and lessons along the way. I like to do just about anything and everything. I compete is Stoa's Speech and Debate league, which keeps me learning and busy, have my own mini business making jewelry, I love to play sports (ultimate frisbee is my favorite), I enjoy experimenting with baking and cooking (family members are the best guinea pigs) and I love hanging out with my family and friends. My goal is to glorify God in whatever I do, take my greatest joy in Him and shine the light of Jesus wherever I am. I'm not perfect, but I'm content knowing that I'm a work in progress for a great God that, thankfully, delights in using the weak to accomplish his wonderful plan.

 Jedidiah Gabriel Frye (Jed)

I like to play games and do various activities, as well as writing reports on different topics. I like cream-cheese and bagels and I want to be a scientist when I grow up. For Christmas I got 2 air soft guns and Jos and I have lots of fun with them, we have been hit  in the mouth and on the tip of the ear. And when it is cold it hurts even more!

Keziah Joy Frye
I'm 8 and my favorite thing to do is to play water games, I also love to draw and play with all my brothers and sisters. I just got a new mathbook and I like to sit down and do that with mom. There are tons of other things I love, like playing with my little baby brother and playing with my friends, we have a lot fun in our back yard and making Jewelry!

Malachi Jordan Frye (Munchi)
I like to play renegade (computer game), play with the neighbors, and play with Jed and Kezzy and the rest of my family. I just got my new school books and love to do school with mom. I also like to eat, little bites here and there. So much to the point that my family has considered calling me "Two-Bites".

Azariah Jotham Frye
I'm the cutest toddler on earth and I love all the attention I can get. I love to run to my siblings rooms, bang on the door till its open (if it was closed) and then run in with a big smile on my face and distract them as much as I can. There are all sorts of fun things in there to play with when they aren't around as well ...but shhhhh, make sure you don't tell them I don't think they know yet. I have a small kid four-wheeler that I can push the accelerator peddle myself, which I love to go on. Otherwise I love to go outside to do anything.