Monday, April 30, 2012

Just a thought I been' thunking ;-)

"Modern history is once again calling upon men and women to rise up and fulfill their God~given destiny to impact their world. True spiritual leaders do not wring their hands and wistfully recount the better times of days gone by. Genuine leaders understand they have but one life to live and so they expend it with purpose and passion. God placed you on the earth at this particular crossroad in history.
You live in a time of great challenges but enormous opportunity. May you live, and lead, well."
 - Henry and Richard Blackaby in their book "Spiritual Leadership"

I was reading through Henry and Richard Blackaby's book on Spiritual leadership that I borrowed from my brother and found this quote at the end of the first chapter. I love the mentality it challenges Christians to have as genuine leaders; we have but one life to live, so fill that life with purpose and passion and make an impact!

It was a challenge to me, and perhaps it will be for you as well. Do we live our lives with a godly purpose and passion? How so? Do we have have the goal of making an impact? How are we doing so? Are we answering God's call to rise up and live a life that glorifies Him??

Hmmm, just a thought....