Friday, August 20, 2010


So, if there are any people who actually read this blog you might be wondering when I am going to post next. After all its been over a month since I have posted. So here is what we have been up to and some pictures as well.

Mid July Rayni and I got to go to a house in Lake Chelan with our Awana group for five days. It was an amazing time to get to know each other better, have fun, learn, and grow in our relationship with God. We sang worship songs every night and it was amazing to just come before God and worship Him.
 Most of the girls that went to Chelan with us.

The last week of July Zeb, Rayni and I got to help out at a speech camp that some of our friends were putting on. It was awesome to see some of the kids grow and imagine how they might impact the world.

The day after Speech camp ended Jos, Rayni, Jed and I headed to Awana Camp for the first week of August. Where Rayni and I were attending as campers and Jos as a counselor. It was different from past years, some of my closer friends in Awana were graduating and there was a new change in counselors and staff there. The week was still lots of fun, and yet more growing and learning.

 Hosanna on top, then from left to right: Sarah, Noel, and Katie
Our bowling mates.

 Noel and Rayni being tough :)

 These were the other ladies in my cabin for the week.

We got home and had a couple days to rest (we were pretty much flopped on the couch asleep for most of it trying to catch up on rest) then we had some cousins come from Colorado come to our house. That was a blast as well. We went to the beach, bunkers, downtown, and locks as well as played all sorts of games. It sure was a lot of fun.

 On the Ferry! From left to right:
Rayni, Keziah, Josi, Ashtyn, Azariah, Hosanna, Malachi, and Jacob

 Jed and Ashtyn looking under the rocks.

 The Groves Family
Bryghton, Josi, Ashtyn, Kendi, Jacob, Braislea(sp), and Ev.

Malachi, Keziah, Josi, and Jacob

 The Groves Family Again

 The Frye Family

Sleeping outside!

Dad left on Wednesday, for two weeks, on a trip to New Mexico and Kansas for meetings, and stopped in Colorado to see our Granddad and spend some time with him. Prayer for a safe trip would be awesome

The rest of us are just getting back into school and trying to enjoy what summer we have left. So that is what we have been up to! Anyway, I better be off for now, till next time.


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  1. :'(
    Reading the info about Jos you'll understand why I've often wanted a sister...
    But it's in God's hands, and I trust Him for what's best.