Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trip to CO!!!!

Hey all,
We got back from our Colorado trip last night! It took 31 hours on the way there driving all night and about the same on the way back all night as well. We had lots of fun seeing tons of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and more while we were there. Azariah was the youngest Grandkid coming in number 28 and he met a cousin there that was the 38th Grandchild (just a month younger then him). Some weren't able to make it and those who did weren't all there at the same time but that gives you the idea of how big this side of our family in. We got there on Saturday night. And on Sunday there was the Anniversary party which was a blast seeing everyone as well as celebrating Grammy and Granddads 65th wedding anniversary, which does not happen that much any more. We did lots of stuff while we were there and enjoyed it so much. Azariah actually did really well in the car. He got lots of attention there getting held a ton by the various cousins and loved every minute. He started to get a cold on the way back and got tired of the car but still did really well. Well, I'll try and put some pictures of the trip up. But I just wanted to say we all got home safe and sound and had lots of fun on the trip. What a blessing it is though to have such a wonderful family! We love them all.


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