Monday, December 21, 2009

....CO trip and other news

NEWS......... Azariah is on to the solids...he's got those bananas smooshing :) Every one is spoiling him and where ever he goes he finds a new friend. :) He also loves to sit in his walker and slowly make his way around by pushing with his feet and flailing his arms. Zeb, Mom, and Azariah are taking a trip to New Zealand to visit family where, after three weeks mom and Azariah will come back and leave Zeb there to have some over seas work experience. They could use lot of prayer on the trip as well as they are getting ready. There is a 3 and 1/2 hour flight to Los Angeles from Seattle then a 12 hour flight from Los Angeles to New Zealand that all together is a long trip and a tiring one to take, add on a 6 month old baby it makes it even harder. So please pray that everything will go smoothly and fast. We also have a cold along with a stomach bug going through our house, so please pray that none of the travelers will get sick.
Last post I said I would put some picture up of our Colorado trip. Well, I wrote part of this post then started adding pictures...the problem is I took about 900 pictures just on the 9 day trip to Colorado so to save you all from scrolling your finger till it is dead I uploaded some of the photos to Picasa Web Albums if you click -------> here <-------- you can look and comment on some of the pictures that we took.
I hope you all enjoy!!!!

Have a very merry Christmas!!!!!!!


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