Thursday, November 19, 2009


Well, I have been meaning to post for a while, but haven't done it! Azariah however is getting bigger and bigger and the rest of the family is having so much fun with him. There are a lot of firsts! Only a couple months ago he went on his first Bike Ride, and in the last week he has started solids. He also found his thumb and almost prefers his fingers and thumb to the bingki, apparently he is the only thumb sucker of the all us kids! :D Today he has also figured out that he has this amazing thing in his mouth that he can move around and make noises with and if you poke it out far enough there is a cool breeze on it! So tonight at Apologetics he was clicking and clacking and humming while he played with his tongue and the rest of us tried to listen to the Men speak on the three Apologetics topics. :D One of the biggest "First things" he has done will start tomorrow when we leave the house up to Jos for 10 days and travel to Colorado for Thanksgiving and our Grandparents 65th Wedding Anniversary. You can pray for safe travel and that both Azariah and the other kids will be able to last in the car for 2-3 days all day and night there and back and not start pulling their hair out. I'll try to get up some more pictures of our trip to CO and of this growing boy. For those who read this to see.

When I began this post I was just gonna write a post with no pictures! But when I decided to just add a couple ...well it got out of hand :D We seem to have million pictures of him and all so cute, so here are a few pictures for ya'all to see.

Malachi and Azariah watching a movie on Family night together

One day while everyone was gone except for us we got a little crazy! :D Here is one of the pictures we took. (Yep, thats an orange mustache that Malachi has from some juice he drank).

Malachi, Azariah, and Mom

He likes to hang around with Jos a lot! :D

This would be Azariahs First Spa!

Listening to them tunes

Well, this isn't the greatest picture but thought it was funny and there you have Azariah with his hands in his mouth :D

Yep, Jed got to be the King getting pulled around :D I think this is Azariahs first Wagon ride too!


Well, I hope you enjoyed the photos. Fill free to comment on what one you like best :D.

Thanks for reading - Hosanna


  1. Wow, he really is growing up!! How fun to have a baby brother. :) I love the pictures!

  2. Oh, the pictures are sweet. I love the one with the dog in it. :)