Monday, February 20, 2012

A thought to ponder....

Just a thought to ponder...
The road to the Kingdom is not so pleasant, and comfortable, and easy, and flowery, as many dream. It is not a bright sunny avenue of palms. It is not paved with triumph, though it is to end in victory. The termination is glory, honor, and immortality; but on the way, there is the thorn in the flesh, the sackcloth, and the cross. Recompense later; but labor here! Rest later; but weariness here! Joy and security later; but here endurance and watchfulness – the race, the battle, the burden, the stumbling block, and oftentimes the heavy heart. - Horatius Bonar

Life won't be easy, life won't be fair, won't be filled with happiness nor with perfection. As soon as one struggle is dealt with another will come up, we won't ever be perfect nor will those around us be perfect. There will be battles, there will be a current and undertow to fight, and it will not be pure bliss. can make the most of it, you can take joy in it (joy not happiness), rest in Christ's love, make your guide and rock the perfect God, and the omnipotent God your strength. God never told us it would be easy, but he did tell us the reward is better than you can even imagine.

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