Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just thinking...

A couple of days ago I was on my bed and putting up some of the quotes/sayings that had started piling up next to my bed for me to put up. As I was going through them and my favorite quote book I was yet again affirmed that I absolutely love quotes!! Just a sentence or two, or even three and you can usually find a piece of wisdom, something to laugh at and something to reflect on.
My eyes drifted from where I was putting the quotes up, to the door that I've had dreams of decorating with all sorts of pictures. I love to take, edit, and store pictures. In them you can see the un-explainable and say what could never be said, record fine details and keep a storage of memories to look back on, and see time pass on. Its through them I've come to realize the value of time (as it flies by) and treasuring what we have in the moment, rather then looking on only to the future.
As these thoughts sped through my brain, the memories starting flooding into my mind. The times my siblings and I would make forts, the get-to-gether's that celabrate special occasions, the first and lasts of our lives and what we do in them, captured through the lens of a camera. So many memories, so many people, so many objects that I've been given, so many blessings and people or things I could be thankful for.

Little bits of wisdom, quick snaps of a lens, and enveloped by blessings. A rather brilliant idea came to my mind then. Why not share those little bits of wisdom, those click of a button photos and the blessings God has placed in my life with those around me? There it was, the idea was finally in full shape, and thus began the explanation in this post of a new series of posts and the reason behind it.

So lets see where this idea takes us. I'm thinking the quotes, pictures and blessings might be all related part of the time or completely unrelated, we'll see where it goes.

It's about time for me to sign off.
I hope you are doing well and may the grace and peace of God be with you!


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