Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back from Idaho!

Dad, Zeb, Rayni and I got back on Sunday from the Idaho tournament. It was so much fun! On the ride up there we had Heidi Chaffee, Katie West, Grace Thomson, and us Fryes. On the ride back Heidi didn't come with us but we added Jessica to our group. Rayni and I didn't end up breaking in debate, but we were kinda glad about it. I placed in some of my events but, I think going on the trip and learning all the things I did, was way better than whatever I got or didn't get. Being able to go with all those girls and talk with everyone was amazing. We probably laughed more in that one weekend then I ever have in an entire month! I didn't take pictures until the last day. So here are some pictures.

We stopped at a rest stop on a way home for a break, and threw the football around

Zeb and Dad

Zeb, Grace, and Katie making their plans

Dad, Jessica, and Rayni making plans for their Play

Hut, Hut


We stopped at the Columbia River and took some pictures.
From the Left to right: Rayni, Jessica(Red sweatshirt), Zeb, Hosanna, Grace (gray sweatshirt), and Katie

Climbing up the Rocks


Katie and Grace

Crazy Hair-do


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