Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another tournament!!!

The Emerald City Qualifier starts on Wednesday and Rayni and I are working on getting our speeches ready. We are partnering to compete in duo, along with competing individually in Impromtu and Apologetics. Rayni is also competing with her Persuasive on fathers and I'm competing in my Illustrated Oratory on the bible.

With around 250 students competing this is going to be the largest Washington tournament so far and probably a lot of fun.

One quick really awesome thing happened today. We had our neighbor come over to take a look at something we were wanting to get fixed. He told us he would do it for free, and after taking a glance at our computers and asking what operating system we used he asked us if we wanted his old computer. He had bought it in 2008 and used it for week, but hadn't been able to run a program on it that he used often for work so after trying to sell it to a friend who ended up backing out, he asked us if we wanted it. Of course we said yes, and with it came a 20 inch screen. Now Jos is upgrading slightly to the new computer, Jed and the younger ones are getting rid of their very old XP computer and getting Jos' old but newer then their current computer, and I got the 20 inch screen to use on my computer. I had been thinking about getting a better screen, but due to the cost hadn't. Now I've been blessed with a 20 inch screen for free, Jos is blessed with a slight upgrade for free, and Jed and the younger ones are blessed with a big upgrade. Its pretty awesome to see how God provides.

Signing off


  1. You girls are going to do an amazing job! I just know it! I am praying for ya'll constantly!

    Please let me know how it goes.

  2. Would you sell the screen for $75 or 80?