Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Family!!!

I just love them, ....I love my family, soo much!!!! We aren't all perfect, but we perfectly fit together. Through times of plenty and through times of scarcity...with struggles and triumphs through it all we have stuck together. Each day following our God, and striving to glorify Him, the one who made us all. Each one of my family members God put here, and all for a reason. I am so glad he did, cause I love them all so very much...and I really don't know who I would have done without them!!



  1. As Grace said once.....blogs need a "like" button, like facebook.

    "Hannah Dokupil likes this" :D

    PS - LOVE the new blog background! It's so pretty! Did you take it?

  2. haha, :) thanks, I wish they had something like that too!
    Thanks, I didn't take the picture, but disigned the blog using click Layout in the dashboard, then go to "Template designer" (one of the tabs) then have fun with it! Its pretty cool.