Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alls well...kinda!

Mom and Azariah made it back safely on Wednesday night. We all had lots of fun giving both of them hugs and hearing how the trip went.
Here are some pictures from their trip.

However the next day mom came down with a stomach bug...and was sick all day. We are thinking she probably picked it up from a ferry ride when she was in New Zealand or possibly the plain ride. She started to feel better slowly, but then Azariah got it. Then Malachi and Jos both got sick. Now we are waiting to see if anyone else will get sick, while the rest are getting better.

Well, I have to share something with you. One of the days while mom was gone, Malachi was playing and twisted his neck in some way. He came up to me and said "Oooh, oh, Hosanna...I think I just popped a brain in my head! Oh, ooooh" haha, we got a good laugh about it!

I also found something out about Azariah. The day before yesterday, I was taking some pictures of him, ...and I every time I pointed the camera at him, he would give me this cheesy smile. :) I would put it down and he would look away, then I would raise it and point it at him...he would look, and as soon as he realized what it was, HE WOULD SMILE. It was the funniest thing. Quite the photogenic little guy.

Here is one of the pictures that as soon as he saw the camera he gave a huge smile.

Tag team Feeding :)

Today I had fun with him taking some more pictures, here are some below

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! What one was your favorite?



  1. :D awww you guys are all soo cute :P

  2. aw! I love the one of you and your brother feeding him, and how your mouth is open... lol! =)

  3. I can't even choose a favorite, they are all so precious. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th are probably some of my favorites, though. I love his camera smile... too cute!

  4. my fav. has to be the first three! :D soooo adorable :) :) :)