Saturday, July 11, 2009

A beautiful Baby!!!

Pictures after the delivery!

Moms first hold of the baby!

Dad got second hold

Keziah was thorougly the placenta was interesting

Dad was explaing all the about where the baby stayed for the first 9 months of his life to Keziah

Mrs. Taylor holding the baby

Keziah got to play in the placenta while the midwife showed her everything

Keziah got first hold of all the kids!

Megan (the midwifery student that actually delivered the baby) and
Heather (the midwife who oversaw everything)

The whole family!

Malachi and Azariah

Jos and the baby

Keziah and Malachi

Azariah Jotham Frye

The mother, daughter look! :)

lots of eyes watching this little guy!

Kez and Azariah

Getting first Bath

Malachi was feeling a bit neglected/tired that night so he snuggled with mom.
Sooo cute!


  1. Hosanna, these are absolutely beautiful pictures. What a blessing Azariah is to your family!! Hope you guys are all well! Thank you for setting up this blog so we can all see these pictures :)

  2. Ya, Hoey! Some of these are really great! Good job. And can I steal your dart story! LOL